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Gina : So you are finally settling down and buying a house. Congratulations!

Andrew : Now that we’re having a baby, my wife and I have decided to stay in this area. Renting just doesn’t make sense.


Gina : How are you going to finance it? Houses around here are very expensive.

Andrew : My parents have offered to lend us the down payment. We’ll get a loan and make mortgage payments. It’s not much more expensive than what we were paying in rent.

Gina It sounds like you know what you’re doing.

Andrew : The only thing I am worried about now is diapers!



Settling down To stay in one place; start a family.

Renting Paying to live in a house or apartment owned by someone else.

Make sense Be logical, practical.

Finance Get money for something.

Down payment First partial payment for a house.

Mortgage Loan used for buying a house.



1. We rejected the pian because it didn’t

2. He his new company by selling the old one.

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