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A New Tool to Make Your Ideas Catchy to a Distinctive Audience

As you sit quietly reading these lines, a great deal of ideas are whirling in your mind.
One out of ten of these ideas is a real winner: an idea that hits our imagination so hard to become contagious.

Wouldn’t it be nice if ideas like that could reach the widest audience they deserve?
Nowadays, unfortunately, it is really hard even for great ideas to be heard: just think about the 127 billion web pages searched by one of Google’s competitors.
Now there is a new way to make your ideas look as shiny as they actually are, and deliver them to a wide, interested audience: the Meme.


“What the hell is a Meme, man?!”

Her name is Jo, but they call her ‘la belle irlandaise.’ Because she is undoubtedly beautiful, and she is Irish. Jo is lying on James’ bed – James is so far away after all – with her thighs wide spread, the red hair splayed on the cushion and a glitter in her eyes…
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Your Ideas Deserve a Shiny Dress

Your Meme will have a wonderful layout, without effort. You can easily put images and videos to go along with your text. Your public will just have to enjoy your words and click on the links you provide to view the videos and the images…
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Don’t be jealous when your Meme will be asked for an autograph

Your Meme will reach a wide and selected audience by itself, without your intervention.
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Your Meme can be like this timeless fable

Be assured: Mperience won’t stop spreading your Meme few days after you published it.
Do you remember the fable “The Fox and the Grapes“? I am sure you do. We all remember and keep telling it, after 2600 years have passed since it was written!
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This video will show you the 5 easy steps to effectively build your first Meme

Now you can create your Memes on Mperience, with this new tool: the Meme Blender (you can just select the “Create” menu after you log in).
The first time you will use the Meme Blender, you will be amazed to discover how easy and fun it is.
In order to make this experience even smoother and more enjoyable, we have recorded this short video that will show you, step by step, how to create your first Meme…
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