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Today’s society is completely taken over by numbers. Numbers appear everywhere you look, from billboards telling of the latest abortion statistics, to sports shows discussing the Las Vegas odds for the upcoming football game to the evening news, with stories focusing on crime rates, the expected life span of someone who eats junk food, and the president’s approval rating. After reading this article, you begin to see just how often the media hits you with numbers and how important it is to be able to unravel what all those numbers mean. Because, like it or not, statistics are a big part of your life. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, and you don’t want to join ‘em, you should at least try to understand ‘em.

We use Statistics in a lot of fields i.e open a newspaper:

The sports section is probably the most numerically jam-packed section of the newspaper. Besides the scores of the last game, the win/lose percentages for each team in the league, and the relative standing for each team, the specialized statistics reported in the sports world are so thick that they require wading boots to get through. For example, the basketball statistics are broken down by team, by quarter, and even by player.

In the business section of the newspaper, you find statistics about the stock market. It was a bad week last week, with the stock market going down 455 points; is that decrease a lot or a little? You need to calculate a percentage to really get a handle on that. In the same business section, you also find reports on the highest yields nationwide on every kind of CD imaginable.

The weather report provides another mass of statistics, with its forecasts of the next day’s high and low temperatures. You can even get a forecast looking ahead 3 days, a week, or even a month or a year!

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