How people behave in business in the U.S. is influenced in part by their cultural heritage. Until recently, American business culture has been based on traditions adopted from our European ancestors. However, the demographics are changing and now Latin Americans make up an

important part of the population. Latinos in the U.S. are both consumers and workers. It is important for anyone marketing a product or hiring workers to fully understand this group’s attitudes, values, and beliefs. One mistake that is commonly made is to stereotype all Latinos as having the same cultural heritage. Actually, many countries comprise Latin America. Some of these countries are: Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, EI Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. There are about 30 million Latinos living the United States. As consumers, this represents a $270 billion market. By 2005, Latinos will outnumber African-Americans as America’s largest minority group. Most of this will occur because of natural childbirth instead of immigration. On average, Latinos are younger than the general population, with a median age of 25. Will the American consumer profile begin to reflect this Latin? American influence? In addition, if it does, what new buying trends will appear? How will worker behavior change and how should hiring strategies be modified to adapt to this change?

  1. What is one common mistake made about Latinos living in the U.S.?
  2. What two groups are being influenced by this change in demographics?


  1. To stereotype all Latinos as having the same cultural heritage.
  2. The two groups are consumers and workers.


If this new demographic report is accurate, we should be selling more in Florida. Do you know anyone who would like to sell our products in Miami?

Well, you’ll probably want a Latino, since most of the consumers there are Cuban.

So I’ll just hire another Latino. They’re all the same, right?

No. They have some things in common, but they also have their own unique cultures. Be sure to hire someone who is bilingual and understands the Cuban culture.


stereotype                      Oversimplified opinion about something.

demographics                  Population characteristics used to identify markets.

consumer                       One who has the power to buy a product or service.



Which is correct?

1. It is fascinating to see how fast our population is

a)  grow

b)  growing

c)  grows

2. If you invest with us, you can watch your money

a)  grow

b)  growing

c)  grows



Complete these sentences.

Use the correct verb tense: grow, growing or grows.

The number of Latino consumers in the U.S. is ___

How will our economy continue to______

My plant ______  a little bit each day.

Answers: growing, grow, grows

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