Bill : What’s the deal with using ATMs in Europe?

Anna: Well, we need to ask our bank a few questions. Like: Can we use our same PIN?

Bill : Right. Because the keypads on European machines only have numbers, and my PIN has letters in it.

Anna: And then we need to find out which systems will accept our card.

Bill : And if there are any fees.


Anna : call the bank now with our questions!

In Bill’s question “What’s the deal …?” deal means:

  1. problem
  2. penalty
  3. procedure




ATM      automatic teller machine; also called “cash machine”

PIN      personal identification number (the secret number you enter when using an ATM)

fee       a fixed charge

We can also call ATM cards and credit cards plastic. For example: The street vendor accepts cash or plastic in payment for the jewelry he sells.


Pronunciation Note

An acronym is a pronounceable word formed from each of the first letters of a descriptive phrase. For example, when we see PIN, we don’t say “P-I-N”. We say “pin”.

An acronym is actually a type of abbreviation. With some abbreviations, we say the letters that we see. For example, when we see ATM, we say: “A-T-M”.

Learn how to pronounce some more abbreviations:

You see: UFO You say: “U-F-0”

It means: unidentified flying object

You see: NATO You say: “nato”

It means: North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Cultural Note

Do you know the names of currencies in English-speaking countries around the world? It’s pretty easy to remember. All of the following countries use dollars EXCEPT one:

Australia Canada – New Zealand – United Kingdom – United States Which country does not use dollars, and what is the name of its currency? Answer: The “pound” is used in the United Kingdom.




1. Bill asked what______ deal was with using ATMs in Europe.

a.  a

b.  the

c.  some


2. A “PIN” is ______

  1. something you write with
  2. a piece of jewelry
  3. a Personal Identification Number

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