The honeymoon is over

Marsha : What gorgeous weather! What a beautiful beach! Aren’t you glad you

decided to really kick back and leave your work behind for a little while?

Steve : I’m not sure. Do you love me, Marsha?

Marsha : Of course I do! This has been a perfect honeymoon. We’ve really gotten away from it all. No emails. No business calls. Just you and me.

Steve : I did get one call, but I’m glad you’re so crazy about me away from my job.


Marsha I do like you better. You really needed to relax. You were turning into a workaholic. Who called?

Steve : My boss. I hadn’t answered any of his urgent emails. He canned me. I’m glad this will be good for our relationship because financially we are up a creek.


Kick back                                                              Relax.

Get away from it ali                                                 Escape daily stress.

Canned                                                                 Fired.



Fili in the blanks.

1.  If you don’t come to work, you will be _______

2.  On the weekends, he likes to_____________ and go fishing.

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