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Steve : Can I put my laptop in your carry-on?

Marsha : Are you kidding? No. And don’t try to stuff it into your bag either.

Steve : I can’t answer my e-mail without it. Or look at the specs for the new project.

Marsha : Exactly! There is no reason to go to the beautiful beaches of Jamaica if you are going to take your office with you!

Steve : You’re right. But this is a very important time at work. I can’t just leave it behind.

Marsha : But I can leave you. What a honeymoon!


Laptop                Small, portable computer.

Carry-on             Small piece of luggage, kept with you on an airplane.

Stuff                  To push something into a space that is too small for it.

Kidding               Joking.

Specs                 Specifications, technical description of a project or machine.

Honeymoon         Short vacation for a recently married couple.


Fill in the blanks.

1.  We can’t________ more than four people in that compact car.

You can’t take that bag on the piane. It’s too big to be a

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