Italian Network record (broken through the roof of the three million domains)

How well known “Italian Internet Domain” is called with the extension “”.

These domains are settled in sixth place among the European Union country code top level domain and ninth worldwide.

The national domain name registry office ‘ .it ‘ was born 30 years ago.

It is called ““.

This registry resides at the Institute of Informatics and telematics of the Italian National Research Council in Pisa (Iit-Cnr).

Actually over three million domains ‘ Made in Italy ‘ are recorded.

Abbigliamento LU.DI.CA. website of the city of Eboli, a little town near Naples, was the internet site that has reached its new stage, because it is positioned at the top of the ranking millionaire.

This record confirms that the Research Area of Pisa of CNR (National Research Center) is starring today as then, the history of Italian Digital Network. In fact, the first Italian website, ‘ ‘ was recorded in December of 87 from the CNUCE (National University Computing Centre) an Institute of the National Research Council in Pisa.

Then, the first one million Italian internet domains was recorded in 2005 with the site ‘, assigned to a private citizen and student of the Faculty in disciplines of Arts, music and drama. In 2010, domains doubled in five years, they had become two millions with ‘ ‘, required by a company of Acqualagna (Puglia).

However the 33% of micro companies has a domain on the web.

Therefore, in order to support the digitalization process of business is born the draft notice called “Made in it”. This “” project is in partnership with the editorial newspaper “Il Sole24ore Nòva24” .

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