Christmas Short Circuit

After Christmas time, circuit training is a great way to burn fat while maintaining a resistance element in your training program (meaning you reduce the risk of losing muscle while dropping bodyweight). The key to circuits is to keep moving—so reduce the rest intervals to 30 seconds or less. Your muscles will be burning, you’ll be gasping for air, and you’ll be sweating as if you just crossed the Sahara, but these sacrifices will be worth it.

There’s simply no better way to torch fat inside the gym.



5 reps of inchworm, 6 reps per side of quadruped T-spine rotation, 10 reps of cat–cow

Complete Workout

Complete 5 rounds of the following circuit.

Narrow-grip chin-up

6 reps

10 seconds of rest

Goblet squat

8 reps

10 seconds of rest


10 reps

10 seconds of rest


12 reps

60 seconds of rest

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